Jonathan Crane, The Scarecrow

The Scaecrow

The Scarecrow

Jonathan Crane was a professor at the Gothacraft University, before he was fired for fireing a revolver in class without warning. He then took to studying dark magic, and seeking revenge against the university professors.


Crane looks like a human with green eyes, brown ahir, and reading glasses. He wears a rbown suit and green tie. As the Scarecrow, he dresses like a scarecrow: Pumpkin mask, melon-looking tunic with stick-like sleves, and stick-like pants.





Mr.Freeze, without his helmet

mr.Freeze was once a prominent scientist for Gothacraft, before his wife became terminally Ill with an uncurable disease. He began reserching using Ice as a possible cure, but was badly injured when he was  inadvertantly struck by a frezarite , after getting too close to the impact site. Now, he cannot survive outside of cold tempertures, and must wear frezarite armor at all times.


He looks like a blue-skinned human in goggles, wearing frezarite armor.




  • Jonathan Crane is based on The Scarecrow from batman, namely the one from batman begins and batman animated.
  • Scarecrow is also absed on Oogie Boogie, somewhat.
  • Mr.Freeze is based on Mr.Freeze form batman, namely the one from BTAS and Arkham City.

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