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Part of the Dark days canon.

}} {{#if:7-9 | Bandit/doc


Bandits are aggressive and will attempt to attack all players on sight. They will typically wield some sort of weapon to attack with, and only do as much damage as the player when using their hands. Bandits will pick up any dropped items, meaning a defeated player will not be able to regain their items.


Bandits spawn commonly in the bandit camps and less commonly in other areas. They tend to spawn in small groups, and with weapons, though they can spawn alone and with no weapons. they can attack with their fists just like the player, and with the same speed.


Bandits have the ability to use all of the same items the player can. Though they really don`t have nay other abilities.

Health Points HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
Attack Strength Half Heart with hand
Drops Various
Spawn Bandit Camps
First Appearance Dark Days
Experience Points 7-9

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