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Gruedy in the End

"I'm not taking it anymore ! Stop quarreling ! You should need to shame you !."
Kooky in Ur-Claus


B.L.A.CK. is a secret organization of young kid Ender Creepers. They have been adopted by The Wither. A profile of them :

Members and Personal Information

  • Kooky 
    • Age : 11
    • Personality : Smart, Vééééééééééééééééééry Véééééééééééééry Clever
    • Hobbies : Playing video games, inventing
    • Likes :
      • Inventing
      • Playing video games
    • Dislikes :
      • Others being rude
      • His siblings being sad
      • Steve
      • People mistreating devices and vehicles
  • Gruedy
    • ​Age : 11
    • Personality : Naughty, tease
    • Hobbies : Playing video games, pranks and teasing, watching Star Wars (biggest fan)
    • Likes :
      • Everything which is mischievous
    • Dislikes :
      • Others not laughing by one of his jokes
      • Being pranked himself
  • Han 
    • Age : 273
    • Personality : Seriously, dark, covered in shadows
    • Hobbies : Annoying others
    • Likes :
      • Be evil
    • Dislikes :
      • Laughing
      • Steve
  • Jimmy
    • Age : 10
    • Personality : Friendly, mostly ceases to fight
    • Hobbies : Ceasing to fight, playing with his siblings
    • Likes :
      • Joy
      • Peace
      • His siblings
    • Dislikes :
      • War
      • Death
      • Combat
      • Harm
      • Gloom
      • Sadness

They often aid the Wither in his plans.

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