He can teleport and can make a ghostly image of him can inflict blindness and weakness for 5:00 minute. He has tornado power to launch 20 projectile to us with only one attacking projectile and can summon lightning. He can do a clone move but, the clone has the same damage as him and has 1 health. When he faces full light level we will lose 2 damage per second. He can use invisibility too. He has red eyes wears Powerful Darkness Armor and Powerful Darkness sword and Powerful Darkness bow same too. His suit is a very dark gray suit with a ninja mask. It is inside his armor suit except for the blood-red robes outside his armor. His name appears to be Armageddon not consider as mob but as players. AI is same as MLG pro player. 100 health and same damage as the Powerful Darkness sword deals plus an additional 260% more damage.

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