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Apocolypse Minecraft or How I Lived With A Bat is a tale of friendship after all chaos breaks loose.

Part 1

I have a simple life, right? I travel superflat, normal. I get antagonized by creepers, normal. I take refuge in villages, normal. It was normal for me. But, what if my life wasn't normal? I pondered the question, until one fateful day. A stack of spruce planks and 7 cooked porkchops. that's all. I had no more items. I walked through a village, stuffing my self with the first two porkchops when it happened. all of the sudden, right beneath the town blacksmith's feet, the void opened, and he fell in. I couldn't believe it! Then, ghasts started charging in exploding churches, houses, smithshops, galore. Lightning then struck my arm, as I let out a scream that mus have let Herobrine himself be invited to the party, as I saw lava pour down the streets. I saw a patio house in the middle of the chaos and charged in breaking all windows and doors, only to replace them with spruce. Stood behind four slabbs next to a chest, and just as I calmed down, I saw something come at me, I was sure I was dead.

Part 2

To Be Continued