Andy is a Minecraftian who is also one of the survivors of the Monster Crisis. He is also the main character of the Minecraftia Crisis Series.


Andy lived in the forests of Minecraftia and made a living trading with the local Villagers. Sometimes it was a couple of blocks of wood, sometimes emeralds he would find during his cave excavations.

Then the Crisis happened, and everything changed.

Monsters could walk in the daylight. The local villages were burned down and the people slaughtered. Andy hid in the mountains when this happened, biding his time until he thought he was safe, and then ventured out of the mountain regions and towards the local cities.

He soon found that most of the great Minecraftian cities were destroyed, nothing but ruins riddled with monsters and the slaughtered corpses of citizens.

Eventually, he found one of the last Minecraftian communities. They had built a wall to protect them from the monsters, so Andy settled down there. But he soon joined The Miners, a group of people hired to venture out and find supplies for the city.


Andy has short brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a black shirt, jeans, and black boots. He also carries an Iron sword on a sheath strapped to his back, as well as his backpack.


Andy is kind-hearted and brave but knows when he is outmatched.