Andramia is a goddess and a sister of Notch.


Andramia is a sweet and nice girl, but cross this delightful diva one too many times and her angry, steaming nature becomes all too apparent.

Andramia: The Story: Andramia is the main protagonist in this one. She travels to Minecraftia to see her brother Notch and her sister Coco. However, the Chaos God, Jordan, and his clumsy yet shape-shifting sister Queen attempt to kidnap the gods and goddesses, and only Herobrine, Coco, and Andramia manage to make it out of the Void. Jordan has Queen trail them in multiple disguises as the group tries to find their sister Snowdrop, goddess of winter. Unfortunately, they fail, and must go to the End, where Jordan reveals his truth self - as the Ender Dragon. Notch tries to fight him, but dies. Andramia, with Herobrine's help, frees the other gods and goddesses and begs Queen to help them. Jordan tries to pressure her, but Queen reveals the truth: she is, in fact, Snowdrop. Snowdrop then uses the Ice Scepter to blow up the End and sends everyone flying to the top bedrock layer of the Nether. After they get down and return to the Overworld, Andramia votes that since Herobrine is the second-born child of the Minecraft Major Gods, he becomes the Overworld's new leader since Notch is dead. Afterwards, Andramia returns to her hometown in Athens.

Embrace the Light: In Embrace the Light, after the Sorcerers of the Dark Circle rose to power, they destroyed the Minecraftian kingdom of Saina and Andramia's sister, Queen Raina, took her daughter Alexia and fled Saina after her husband's death. When Andramia heard they wanted to kill her next, she too fled Athens and evacuated her kingdom along with her. They journeyed to the Overworld and hid away under new names. Years later, Alex meets Paulina and Shajhat, original warriors of Athens, and learns of the Sorcerers. Andramia, whose sister has just disappeared, tells Alex no one in this town is who they claim to be. Andramia appears in the climax, and is nearly destroyed when she tries to save Raina. She succeeds in destroying the Dark Diamond alongside Alex, but the explosion kills her brother Kayden and leaves Layla and Sable dying. Sable recovers from her injuries, but Layla dies after she begs her twin to rebuild her lost kingdom. Andramia appears in the ending helping Alex, Raina, and her family rebuild Saina and Layla's old kingdom, Arkus.

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