The mobs were happy. It was a wonderful day, as usual. Enderman was building another one of his famous houses. Creeper was making new caves to mine in. Skeleton was shooting at targets. Everything was perfect. But then he came. The man known as Steve. He came plundering in. He chopped down the trees, he killed innocent animals, and worst of all, killed the mobs because they were protecting their perfect land. The mines Creeper had made were completely destroyed, Enderman's houses were robbed and burned, and Skeleton's targets were torn down. The mobs had no choice but to defend. They did everything they could. But they failed. More came. The world of Minecraftia was destroyed. The mobs left, abandoning all hope.


The mobs had left to a new land. This land was zombie infested and had weird plants, but it was safe. The mobs were happy again. In the world of Minecraftia, the humans still destroyed everything. Animals died. Caves were mined out. Trees were chopped down. Eventually, the humans starved. But it was too late. Minecraftia was unlivable no one could survive there. The humans ruined everything. THE END.

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