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}|150px]] }} {{#if:N/A (extinct at appearance of Players) | Ancients/docAncients were, as the name suggests, an ancient intelligent mob that existed thousands of years before the appearance of Players and were the precursors of Villagers. Though extinct, remains of their achievements still exist, such as abandoned mines, and the villages that dot the landscape. The Ancients controlled a large kingdom known as the Kingdom of Craftia, whose main enemies was the Creeperland.


Ancients (Craftians)
Health Points 20
Attack Strength 1/2 (without tools) ≤7 (with tools)
Drops N/A
Spawn ?
First Appearance The Age Before
Experience Points N/A (extinct at appearance of Players)
“The Great Kingdom spans from the western caves, to the eastern mountains. From the northern forests, to the southern Frosterlands. And in the centre of it all is the Royal Capital, Craftsburg, justly called so as it is the residence of His Majesty, the great King of Craftia.”
— an excerpt from the Great Book of Craftia, a book published during the times of the peak of Craftia's power.

The Ancients were inhabitants of a large Kingdom known as Craftia. It was established approximately 200 years following the Ancients' first settlement of the Central Plains (a region which became the city of Craftsburg). The first King was King August I; the last was King Richard XIV. Lasting approximately for 3,900 years, Craftia fell when the Creepers launched the Final Craftio-Creeper War.


Ancients looked similar to Players. TBW