Aguocena the Biome Barrier (came from words agu: aqua and ocena: ocean) is the creator of water in Minecraftia. He created water to border biomes and separate them. Aguocena is housed inside the Water Amulet. Oddly, Aguocena appears to be a squid as his false form, and his true form is apparently a person-like entity with a blue squid skin texture and a watery feel of aura around. Aguocena will put out a fire that has been touched by a worshiper or the current Water Amulet holder. Aguocena can be seen underground the water at the location where no one would probably mine or place anything and can sometimes be seen in the form of the Water Amulet in caves. Aguocena will appear in the form of water in oceans and rarely lakes; in an even rarer instance, in rivers. Aguocena is known to be very mysterious. The entity housed inside the Water Amulet is most commonly found far from the Tundra or Taiga biomes but not at the equator of Minecraftia. Agoucena has an intense dislike of Prominencial Incinerator.

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