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A Little Fun is the first book of Theinvisiblehotdog's Minecraft series "Minecraft: The Chapter Book Series".


The tasty food, the swaying trees, the puffy clouds passing by, with shapes that look like things. And Minecraft. Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft. A place where you build and attack, struggle to survive, and fly in Creative. A place where you know you're not going to die (well, except for breaking bedrock and falling under the earth in an endless flight down). But this is a life like no other. A life of Minecraft.

Chapter 1

I was sitting at the computer, playing Minecraft. I placed a block when a message popped up: "Do you like Minecraft so much you want to be in it?" it said. I (as you may have guessed) clicked "Yes". The world faded away. All I could see was a dark stone hallway. I walked to the end of the hallway and saw a wooden door on my left. I opened it. I looked back at the door to the real world. Everyone I knew was waving goodbye to me. I waved back and felt a tear roll down my face. I ran in and the door was gone. Gone for good. I took a good look at myself. I was a cat! I was so happy. I built a stack of 40 anvils with a piston behind the first one, and a trail of Redstone leading to a lever behind me. I pulled it 40 times. I didn't get hurt by any one of them. I definitely was in Creative. I got a pickaxe and i dug to the bottom of Minecraft!

Chapter 2

And after i dug, i exploded.

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