1.11, the first release of the Mega Update, is a major update to Minecraft, which was released on May 20, 2017.

This was the longest update besides 1.9 to be released, taking just a mere 11 months after 1.10's release.

Version number

The version number of this update is 1.11. It is currently listed on the bug tracker as "Future Version - 1.11+", and this version has been referred to as 1.11 by Minecraft developers Erik Broes (Grum), Nathan Adams (Dinnerbone), Jens Bergensten (Jeb) and Michael Stoyke.


Splash texts

  • "Herobrine will HAUNT you!"
  • "I dare you to beat the Enderdragon without using diamond tools and diamond armor!"
  • "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!"
  • "Yay, kittens for everyone!"

Sound events

  • entity.lion.ambient
  • entity.lion.baby_ambient
  • entity.lion.death
  • entity.lion.hurt
  • entity.lion.step
  • entity.lion.warning
  • entity.ender_creeper.ambient
  • entity.ender_creeper.death
  • entity.ender_creeper.hurt
  • entity.ender_creeper.teleportation
  • entity.nether_dragon.flying
  • entity.nether_dragon.roar
  • entity.nether_dragon.hurt
  • entity.nether_dragon.death
  • entity.squirrel.ambient
  • entity.squirrel.baby_ambient
  • entity.squirrel.death
  • entity.squirrel.hurt
  • entity.squirrel.step
  • entity.banisher.flying
  • entity.banisher.hurt
  • entity.banisher.death


  • New achievement The Beginning Of The End?.
*Obtained by finding the Netherdragon.
*Requires first obtaining The Beginning.
  • New achievement The Beginning Of The End.
*Obtained by defeating the Netherdragon.
*Requires first obtaining The Beginning Of The End?.
  • New achievement Leader Of The Pack
*Obtained by befriending 5 wolves.
*Requires first obtaining Monster Hunter.

World Generation

Command Block Temples

  • Generates rarely on deserts.

New Biome: Ruins

  • Has dead trees, abandoned villages, and hostile monsters.

The Nether



  • Crafted by 8 gunpowder and 1 Super TNT.
  • Has an explosion about the size of a village.

Super TNT

  • Crafted by 8 gunpowder and 1 regular TNT.

Magma Cube Block

  • Crafting recipe: 9 magma creams.
  • Can be crafted back to 9 magma creams.
  • Players and mobs that land on their top side will bounce, like on a trampoline.
  • This negates all fall damage.

Ruby Ore

  • Drops rubies.
  • Can be found in caves.

Block of Ruby

  • Crafted by putting 9 rubies on a crafting table.

Nether Lantern

  • Generate in nether fortresses.
  • Can be crafted with 8 blaze powders and a glowstone block.
  • Emit light at a light level of 20 and have a subtle animated texture.

Minecart with Crafting Table

  • Can be crafted with a minecart and a crafting table.

Super Crafting Table

  • Can be crafted by 4 crafting tables.
  • Pressing use on a table placed in the world will open the 9×9 crafting grid which allows you to craft more items than with crafting table.

Ruins Grass

  • Can be found in ruins.
  • Unlike dirt and grass blocks, this one doesn't spread grass.

Bronze Ore

  • Drops bronze ingots.
  • Can be found in caves.

Block of Bronze

  • Can be crafted with 9 bronze ingots.

Nether Chest

  • Can be found in nether fortresses.
  • Crafting recipe: 8 netherrack blocks and a blaze powder.
  • Cannot burn in lava.

Teleportation Block

  • Can be crafted by 9 ender pearls.
  • Can teleport you to the other teleportation block.

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