Über Zombie

An Über Zombie is created with a 10% chance when a zombie falls into lava. It is significantly stronger than a normal zombie. It also can be created with a 1% chance if a zombie stays in water for 5 seconds.


An Über Zombie has 20 hearts of health, which makes it extremely difficult to defeat. It deals HeartHeartHeartHalf Heart damage, as much as a diamond sword. The Über Zombie also has the strange ability to attract other zombies towards it. It moves at player sprinting speed.


An Über Zombie is a red-orange color with glowing yellow eyes if it was created by lava, and a dark blue color with glowing light blue eyes if it was created by water. When it dies, it makes lava/water particle effects when it dies, depending on the variant.


Über Zombies always drop one Diamond. They can also drop 5-10 obsidian if it was a lava variant, and 20-30 ice if it was a water variant.

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